About Us

The family of God at St. John Lutheran Church-Bingen is a loving and caring Christian congregation of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod that first started as a small group of German-American pioneer families in the early 1840's. By God's grace, our fellowship has grown to about 900 baptized children of God. Our unique community is located on Historic U.S. Highway 27, six miles south of I-469 (Fort Wayne) & six miles north of Decatur, IN. We welcome all people and we invite you to receive with us the gifts of Christ in Word and Sacrament. To learn more about what we believe, we welcome you to contact our church office to set up a meeting with our pastor. 

Our congregation was officially organized on December 26, 1845, celebrating our 175th anniversary in 2020. Founded by the grace of God through the missionary efforts of Pastor F. C. D. Wyneken, St. John (along with two neighboring congregations: Emmanuel [Soest] and St. Peter [Fuelling]) was first served by Pastor F. W. Husmann. We became a charter congregation of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in 1847. Our current church building was built in 1878 and has since gone through multiple renovations and additions, including a parish hall and offices.

Since her beginning, this congregation has been dedicated to supporting families in the teaching of children through St. John Lutheran School, which in 1969 became an association of three congregations in what is known today as Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School. The school offers childcare as well as classes for students in grades Pre-K - 8. For more information about our school, click here.

While our world has seen significant changes in recent decades, our desire to serve the Lord by receiving His blessings in steadfast faith remains constant. Led by the Lord's Holy Spirit and His grace, St. John Lutheran Church will continue to be a blessing to her members and the community for years to come. We invite you to join us!

St. John has been served by the Reverend's; F. C. D. Wyneken 1838-1840, F. W. Husmann 1840-1848, J. A. Fritze 1848-1853, W. Kolb 1853-1855, P. Wambsganns, Sr. 1855-1863, G. Traub 1864-1866, H. Evers 1866-1886, R. A. Bischoff 1886-1889, C. F. W. Huge 1890-1904, H. C. Jaus 1905-1915, W. O. Bischoff 1915-1922, E. R. Truelzsch 1922-1942, H. J. A. Bouman 1942-1947, M. Behling 1948-1950, W. G. Schwehn 1950-1955, E. A. H. Jacobs 1955-1971, J. T. Hoppes 1971-1976, L. E. Russert 1977-1989, T. L. Olson 1989-2007, J. M. Dreyer 2009 - 2011, P. J. Brock 2010 - present, C. A. Maronde 2018-present